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A resident of Marigny-en-Orxois,
Gilles Lagin can be reached by telephone at 
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0323.70.46.54 (in France)

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Gilles Lagin
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  1. Gilles< I just watched your piece on the Marines at Belleau Wood on Amazon and thought it was outstanding. I visited the area not long ago but did not get the full "view" due to the weather. As a Marine from 63 to 67 (Vietnam) I'm familiar with the history of that event. We plan to do the trip again. Do you have suggestions? Thanks again for your work. Jim LaFoy email Semperfi

  2. Gilles< I too just watched your piece on the Marines at Belleau Wood on Amazon and thought it was outstanding. As a young boy I had a WW1 veteran as a neighbor and was too young to appreciate it. Your lifes work is important and is honorable. Thank you for doing it! If I ever get back to France I will look you up for a tour of Belleau Wood. Thank you for the great piece on Amazon. Kris

  3. Gilles
    I also just watched the Devil Dogs documentary on Amazon about Belleau Wood. It was a remarkable story of your lifelong interest in these Marines that fought at Belleau Wood. I am a retired US Marine (2006), so naturally when visiting France a couple of years ago, I had to stop in at Belleau Wood and pay my respects to those Marines. Walking those woods and fields really touched my heart and made me proud and sad. Wish that I had known about you and your research/knowledge prior to my visit, as that would have added even more to my visit and insight to the events that happened there. Hopefully, when I visit again you may be available to share your knowledge with me! Thank you for your efforts to recognize the human side of the sacrifice that the Marines of Belleau Wood made. Semper Fi Sharon Griffiths email:

  4. Mr. Lagin, thank you for the inspiring work you are involved in. I was born and raised the in the United States and love my country more than life and only wish there were more Americans that cared as much about our history as you do. Your work is truly amazing and touching beyond what you could ever know. Thank you for caring so much about the brave men who fought and died there. You are an inspiration to all who watch your incredible work.

  5. Gilles, I sat down yesterday evening and watched your documentary: Devil Dogs on Amazon Prime. I was in awe of the beauty of the countryside and amazed by your dedication to help form a bridge both across time and distance. The work you have done, as stated in the documentary, is truly wonderous. I want to thank you for bringing attention to this battle, the lives lost and giving voices and faces to those Marines who became known as Devil Dogs. I will be sharing your journey with eveyone I meet, Gilles, and know this: you do not need a university degree to be a hisorian or anthropoligist--that just means you went to school and learned about it. YOU ARE a historian and anthropoligist working in the field, and, moreover, you are an honorary US Marine. :) I hope you read these comments and know that you are so very much appreciated. I hope one day I can come for a tour. Until then, Meilleurs Voeux!

  6. Gilles, My wife and I just finished watching "Devil Dogs". What an excellent documentary of your life, passion, and dedication to the U.S.M.C. My wife is a Marine whose Father and brother served in the Corps. My Grandfather is a Marine who served in the Pacific theater and notably at Iwo Jima. With reverence for all U.S. service members there are special places in my family's hearts for Marines. All I want to say is, thank you. Your sacrifices in your life are small compared to the sacrifices made by Marines that travelled to your country to answer the call. But your life is not measured by your sacrifices but by the way you honor your country, your passion to keep history alive, all ancestors of those you have found, and most important, the United States Marine Corps. I hope that we can someday meet at the Bull-Dog fountain. You are an inspiration to my wife and myself! Jeff Mann and Corporal Marie Wallace.

  7. Dear Mr. Latin,

    I hope this message finds you well. I was honored and touched to watch your documentary Devil Dogs and bringing the human side to the hell are of war. You are a noble passionate man and I thank you for your service to our beloved Marine Corps.

    Thank you and god bless,

    Brian Connelly